VIDEO: “Beetlejuice 2” premieres first official trailer – El Diario NY

VIDEO: “Beetlejuice 2” premieres first official trailer – El Diario NY


The first official trailer for the sequel to “Beetlejuice”, called simply: “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice”, was officially released this Thursday on different social networks by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The second part of the classic film by renowned director Tim Burton, which will be released on September 6 of this year, brings back the titular character, played by Michael Keaton, along with several actors from the first part, such as Winona Ryder, in the role of Lydia; Catherine O’Hara, as Delia. In addition to the incorporation of Jenna Ortega, the participation of Monica Bellucci, Willem Dafoe, Justin Theroux, among others.

This cast of great figures makes fans expect the best from this film, which promises to mix a classic with new proposals. For his part, Burton placed special emphasis on using practical effects and animation stop motion to capture the visual essence that characterized the first film, promising a shocking and nostalgic experience to the viewer.

The trailer begins with the funeral of Lydia’s (Winona) father; Because she thinks about her death, the protagonist tells her daughter the story of the time a demon terrorized her family and tried to force her to marry him. Not believing the story she tells her, Astrid (Jenna Ortega) pronounces the name of the feared ghost three times, bringing back the legendary Beetlejuice.

From that moment on the story will take a different turn, calling into question whether the dead and the living can coexist.

The official synopsis of the film revealed that Astrid (Ortega) will be involved in a problem with Beetlejuice, for which Lydia (Ryder) is forced to make a “nasty” deal with the ghost, in order to save her.

“Beetlejuice” grossed more than $75 million dollars at the box office, positioning itself as an absolute success.

Taking this into account, Now there will be a new generation that will be able to know the historyand a large number of fans of the first installment who will be eager to see the sequel.

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