VIDEO: Burglars crystallize and steal 10,000 pesos worth of toys from the Three Wise Men – 24 Hours

VIDEO: Burglars crystallize and steal 10,000 pesos worth of toys from the Three Wise Men – 24 Hours

Diana denounced through Tik Tok the ‘crystal blast‘ Y Stole that he suffered when he was in a bazaar in the Industrial neighborhood. He was making the last purchases that the wise men they had for their nephews.

The young woman, identified as Diana LSH, says she got out of her vehicle and left it in charge with the people who are supposed to “take care of cars” in the area.

Back in her car, Diana noticed the glass that hit her truck and that allowed the criminals to leave with the toys that she had bought shortly before the event.

“They put a glass in my truck, the toys were stolen, more than 10 thousand pesos,” said the affected party.

The girl made her complaint known about the people who were taking care of her truck, who mentioned not having seen anything, asked the authorities for support and to give her access to the C5 cameras, since there was one right where it was parked, the authorities commented that it could not be done because the camera was undergoing maintenance.

The case soon went viral on social networks, many people sympathized with the girl and others described her as “confident” for leaving her toys in the back in full view.

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“My mother all her life has told me that you shouldn’t leave a jacket in sight, people just go around the wind that steals”, “Who goes to the GAM flea market, at night, in a car and with 10 a thousand in toys”, “It is well known that you cannot leave anything in your cars because that happens, more attention to the next one”, said the Internet users.

The young woman called on the authorities to support her case and to carry out an investigation that leads to the capture of the criminals.

“We stop a patrol car and they tell us the usual, that we have to file a complaint and nobody solves anything, they stole everything and nobody gives me a solution,” said the young woman.

The arrival of the Three Wise Men in homes is approaching, which is why hundreds of shopping centers, bazaars, flea markets and supermarkets are with a large capacity of parents, in contrast to the times when car thefts are most recorded and passers-by, according to data from the Government of Mexico.


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