VIDEO: Carlos Benavides breaks the silence about the enmity with Diego Luna and sends him a meaningful message

VIDEO: Carlos Benavides breaks the silence about the enmity with Diego Luna and sends him a meaningful message

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The Mexican actor, Carlos Benavides, stated in an interview that he would like to smooth things over with fellow actor and producer Diego Luna, who would like to tell you about the project of his film that he wrote for his son Thaddeus. However, he acknowledged that there is a precedent, as Luna called him “old drunk” for a misunderstanding.

In an interview for the program “De Primera Mano”, the actor who played “Huicho Domínguez” in “El Premio Mayor” pointed out that he had finished writing his film and without revealing details of the plot, he pointed out that his ambitions are great because he I wish the film could aspire to be at the Oscars.

He also indicated that to achieve this he is talking with people who want to invest in the project and that was where Diego Luna’s name came up, with whom he had some misunderstandings that he remembered.



“It is a film with very big intentions on my part, but I have always had very big ambitions, my dreams have always been very big and I have always fought for my dreams and I believe that turning my back on dreams is the most short to mediocrity ”, pointed out at the beginning of the interview.

“Now they are showing it to me in film format and then I am going to record it and now, while this is happening, I have some strong relationships because the film is great and the film has many special effects, so my intention of making the film is make an international film that dares to participate for the Oscar ”.

However, it was here that Carlos Bonavides recalled the misunderstanding he had with the producer by third parties. “I would love to meet with Diego Luna, although there is a precedent that Itatí and Mr. Emilio Larrosa said that ‘what a gacho, that Luna did not remember that he had started in soap operas’ and then the journalists said that I had said that and then he he got mad at me and told me that ‘he didn’t listen to an old drunk like me.’

In addition, he would also like to tell Eugenio Derbez about his project “And I’m already talking with other people because my purpose is real and I have always fought for my purposes.”

Finally, “Huicho Domínguez” recalled the time he worked with Diego Luna and assured that he has high esteem. “I would like this interview to be heard (Diego Luna), I worked with him when he was a kid, he was my son in the soap opera ‘El Premio Mayor’, now he has reached unsuspected heights and he produces and I respect him and love him very much” .

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