VIDEO: Carmen Salinas would have her own bioseries and her daughter reveals who would be the protagonist

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One of the most beloved and at the same time controversial actresses in the world of entertainment was undoubtedly Carmen Salinasbecause it was not only part of the history of Mexican cinema, but it was also a turning point in major productions both in theater and on television, and for this reason, on Televisa they would already be thinking of making their own bioseries on the famous actress and also a singer..

Just three months after Salinas ceased to exist, her daughter Mar铆a Eugenia Plascencia, revealed that, if there is a possibility that her mother鈥檚 life will be brought to the screensas revealed in an exclusive interview for Pati Chapoy in 鈥淰entaneando鈥.

Even with this possibility, Plascencia confessed that if the project becomes a reality, the family already has the actress they would like to play Carmelita in fiction and it is nothing more and nothing less than Marisol, granddaughter of the deceased Salinas and who is studying acting at Patricia Reyes Spindola鈥檚 school: 鈥淚f they were to make the series, I want her to be included.鈥

Mar铆a Eugenia also decided to make known the last will of her famous mother, who passed away while he was part of the production 鈥淢i Fortuna es Amarte鈥and explained that if his will has not been read until now, it is because there is currently a legal process to discard other documents that could hinder this process.

The youngest daughter of the producer of 鈥淎venturera鈥 announced that it is unknown how the repair of Salinas鈥檚 assets will bebut she confessed that some things have already been advanced, such as the liquidation of the people who worked with Carmen for years, just as she would have wanted.

鈥淩ight now the people who worked with my mother, I would have wanted it that way, I liquidated them according to the law for the time they were with my mother and to thank them for all that they took care of her. Also to my cousin Gustavo, I gave him what he had to be because he took great care of her, so I wanted to do things right鈥.


Finally, Mar铆a Eugenia confessed that she has not been able to overcome the death of her motherhas not even been able to get used to the idea that she is no longer in this world: 鈥淚t has been something difficult for me, so much so that I have only entered my mother鈥檚 room to get papers. I have not touched anything because I am with the idea that my mother is traveling, working.

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