VIDEO: Celine Dion is seen “singing” at a hockey game and reaffirms her good health – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Celine Dion is seen “singing” at a hockey game and reaffirms her good health – El Diario NY

Just a few days after reappearing on social networks to send a message of support to all people who suffer from rigid person syndrome, Celine Dion became a trend again, on various platforms, thanks to his most recent appearance in a hockey game where he made evident the good health he enjoys despite the illness he faces.

It was an NHL game, between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, that the game camera captured the “I Drove All Night” singer, along with her twin children. Nelson and eddyat the precise moment in which he was singing and dancing the classic song by the band Bon Jovi “Livin a Prayer”.

At that moment, the singer also took the time to raise her fist in the air, applaud and even pretend to be playing the bass of the legendary rock song.

Celine Dion is making steady progress in her illness

Before enjoying the NHL game, Celine Dion He also had the opportunity to meet the Boston Bruins team thanks to the game lineup reveal in a unique and fun way.

After the appearance of Dion In the game, a large number of the Canadian’s followers could not show their surprise at seeing the “progress” that the superstar has had in his fight against rigid person syndrome. And according to various users, Celine She looked happy and excited in addition to showing the control she has over her muscles after the statements of her sister, who revealed at the end of last year that the artist had lost her mobility.

Celine Dion performing in a show.

It is worth remembering that in recent days, the singer published a photograph celebrating, with her children, on what appears to be a podium. Photography, in addition to making clear great progress in Dion in his illness, it was also intended to send a message of support and strength to all people who suffer from stiff person syndrome.

Likewise, it is important to mention that the Canadian reappeared, publicly, during the last 2024 Grammy Awards, where it became a trend due to an alleged rudeness on the part of Taylor Swift during the ceremony.

Celine Dion at a show.
Celine Dion reappeared publicly at the 2024 Grammy Awards.
Credit: Mezcalo

Diagnosed with stiff person syndrome in 2022, Celine Dion She was forced to cancel her tour, at that time, to treat her illness. Later, and according to the singer’s sister, Celine He’s been through good days and bad days. However, and thanks to her most recent appearances, there is no doubt that the Canadian is fighting with great determination and poise.

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