Video: CJNG narcotics assassin tortures and interrogates drug dealer of United Cartels

CJNG kidnaps and interrogates people from Carteles Unidos.

CJNG kidnaps and interrogates people from Carteles Unidos.

Photo: Capture taken from the video of @ Jalisciense1cc / Courtesy

A viral message has gone viral on social media videoin which appears a drug dealer of the United Cartelsbeing tortured and interrogated by a drug lord the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), to whom he reveals the names of four other operators from some rival organizations. This subject was kidnapped in Uruapana locality of convulsive and violent Michoacan statelocated on the Pacific coast of Mexico. 鈥淭his is happening to me, I don鈥檛 wish it on anyone,鈥 is the warning message that the drug dealer sends, on behalf of the CJNG, to the people of Viagras, the strap and the New Michoacan Familywhich make up the United Cartels.

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In the video recording, lasting a minute and a half, the voice of a woman is heard questioning the drug dealer, who says his name is Roberto Galindo Rodriguez and appears with black marks on the face. Desperate, he tells his acquaintances that those from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel are 鈥渢rusting鈥 his life.

鈥溾擭ame?鈥擱oberto Galindo Ram铆rez. I鈥檓 here because I鈥檝e dedicated myself to throwing ice, playing narco-asshole, but I tell you Tagua, Chil铆n, you who steal; that Angelo, you who steal. All those who are in Chava鈥檚 cave, Chavita you who walk in a wheelchair (鈥) They are trusting me. I do not wish this to anyone that is happening to me (鈥) All those who are supporting Viagras, no gentlemen, pure Jalisco, gentlemen.

It should be remembered that Michoac谩n is in the midst of a bloody war between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the United Cartels, which have staged massacres and clashes in the last four months. Given this, the federal governmentled by the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradordeployed dozens of military to that entity.

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