VIDEO: Daughter of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme suffers spectacular accident

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It started in 2022 and Grupo Firme continues to be a topic of conversation, because now they can boast at this start of the year that they broke sales records, because in just 45 minutes they managed to sell each of the tickets for what was going to be their only presentation in the City from Mexico next March 26However, they opened one more date for all those fans who could not buy a ticket for the first concert.

Despite the great happiness and happiness that this gave to Eduin Caz and the other members of Grupo Firme after receiving the great news of the sun out in CDMX, the leader of the Tijuana group got a big scare, because his little daughter had an accident.

It was on Eduin’s Instagram stories that the singer shared some videos in the company of his little daughter Geraldine and quickly attracted attention as The baby appeared with her arm in a cast and with a sling to prevent her from moving it.

According to the singer himself, many people were concerned about the health of his little daughter, so the singer decided to record a video in which he explains what happened.

But before this material, he shared how little Geraldine, despite having an immobilized arm, continues to play and nag as if nothing had happened, so he assures that his daughter will get green gray hair.. Caz revealed that Geraldine had a fall that caused a fracture in one of her arms, which is why they immediately took her to the hospital.

That was how the experts treated the little girl and immobilized her limb, however, The leader of Grupo Firme assures that “La Geraldine” as he says is in perfect health. Likewise, Eduin thanked each of the people who cared and sent good wishes for his little daughter.

Before this happened with your little daughter, Eduin had to visit the emergency hospital after an intestinal problem with his yatal hernia, which caused complications and ended up scaring his fans after his wife revealed images of the interpreter of “Ya surpass me” on a stretcher.

Later, the singer revealed that it was a problem that was already being solved and asked his followers to remain calm because he was better, and then it evolved well over the days.

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