VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme reveals his infallible remedy to get rid of a hangover after a heavy binge

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For Hispanics, the party is part of their monthly routine, and for this reason many have suffered from the dreaded hangover, which sometimes they do not know how to cure. But this time an 鈥渆xpert鈥 spoke about the subject and shared his best remedy to overcome it: Eduin Caz.

Around this evil there are many myths of supposed remedies that can cure it, such as a plate of very hot barbecue consomm茅, a birria, which is one of the most typical dishes of Mexico, as well as some very spicy chilaquiles, even others assure that an almost frozen beer is one of the best options, but Eduin Caz the leader of Firm Group shares his secret to ending a hangover.

Through your TikTok account, The interpreter of 鈥淵a Sup茅rame鈥 published the steps to follow so that you defeat this evil every time you get drunk. The Grupo Firme vocalist shared his infallible remedy, as it is a recipe that removes most of the discomfort caused by this condition due to excessive alcohol consumption that causes serious consequences in the body.

According to Eduin, there are only three simple steps. First you should take a couple of effervescent 鈥渂oost鈥 type pills, and pills to prevent gastritis, accompanied by a glass of water and ready.

Eduin shows in the video that he introduces two alka seltzer boost into a glass, as he ensures that this is the exact amount to remove all the discomfortsthe singer dissolves them with grapefruit soda, but in reality you can do it with this drink or with natural water.

After dissolving the alka seltzer boost, Eduin shows a medicine to prevent gastritis so he takes one of these along with the mixture of effervescent tablets and that鈥檚 itis all you have to do to forget about the terrible hangover.

Exercise has improved the life of Eduin Caz

Eduin Caz, first voice and leader of Grupo Firme, has shown that he meets any goal he sets for himselffrom building a band from scratch and placing it as the most important in the Mexican regional, to taking care of your body and forgetting about excesses.

Through his official accounts on social networks, he shows how he spends hours in the gym, how he went from lifting just a few kilos, to having routines in which he works with the heaviest weight on the equipment.

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