VIDEO: Fights break out at Costco over fans!  – 24 hours

VIDEO: Fights break out at Costco over fans! – 24 hours

And the cakes? A video circulates on networks that captured the exact moment in which several Costco customers they went to the hitsnow for the fans.

Everything seems to indicate that the ‘Costco resellers’ left behind the purchase of cakes, bagels, flowers and other desserts to now focus on a new business that has arisen from the heat.

And when we thought that the fights between Costco customers were over the coveted cakes and even the flowers had ended, now pitched battles have broken out to obtain a fan, to help mitigate the high temperatures that range from 30 at 50 degrees Celsius in some states of Mexico.

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The above occurred in a wholesale store in Celaya, Guanajuato, which went viral due to the lawsuits that its products provoke due to demand.

Well, in a video that circulates on

Likewise, a woman can be seen lying on the floor protecting one of the last devices between her legs; she later gets up and manages to take two fans.

On the other hand, it is observed how a man wearing a red shirt did not have such good luck in his attack, since in his attempt to take one of the last fans, he falls to the ground, loses a shoe and tries to stop another man from white t-shirt and pink shorts, who gets angry at the man’s act, so he pushes him.

Given this, one of the partners who was nearby approaches to stop the conflict, and mentions that it is not possible that they are fighting over said article.

“Because they fight over a fucking fan, don’t suck, you don’t see that he’s old, he’s older than you, he’s not worth anything else over a fan, that’s not the way it’s cool,” says a client regarding the fights.

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On the other hand, Costco workers, other customers and staff who were unpacking managed to calm things down and separate the partners who were involved in the fight.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that something similar has happened when searching for a product in said chain, and even more so among people looking to resell the merchandise.


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