VIDEO: Gerard Piqué mocks live a song that insults Shakira – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Gerard Piqué mocks live a song that insults Shakira – El Diario NY

A little less than 2 years after the announcement of the end of the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piquédue to infidelity on the part of the former soccer player, the Spaniard became the protagonist of a new controversy after the viralization of a video that would reveal the perspective that the athlete maintains regarding his ex-partner.

The former world champion with Spain, at the 2010 South Africa World Cup, was part of a recent live broadcast with a French streamer called AmineMa Tue.

In the video spread on various social networks, you can see how Pique put on headphones to listen to the song AmineMa Tue shares him. In the song, which was also played for the people watching the broadcast, you can hear a brief excerpt that says: “four, five, six, I like Shakira, La Jonquera, my house is your house.”

Although the phrase does not have much context, a large number of users managed to detect that the word “Jonquera” is a French brothel located in Spain, so it was inevitable, for dozens of followers of the Colombian, to relate the singer with a sex worker according to the song.

How did Piqué react to the song?

In the same video you can see how Pique breaks into a sudden smile just a few moments after the song mentions the name of Shakira and then laugh while looking at the French streamer.

Shakira performing in a show.

The above generated all kinds of reactions regarding the former footballer’s reaction, most of them against him: “I can’t believe that’s what they meant, it seems inconceivable to me that he would do that to the mother of his children.” “He is the one who needs therapy, he is the one who does not turn the page,” among others.

However, despite the Spaniard’s obvious reaction, others have pointed out that Gerard reacts only when he hears the name of his children’s mother and does not pay attention to the rest of the song.

Likewise, others have commented that Pique He might have no reference to what the word “Jonquera” means, so his reaction is directly preceded by the mention of Shakira.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué posing.
Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have made peace a few months ago for the benefit of their children.
Credit: Mezcalo

What’s next for Shakira?

After the release of his new album “Women Don’t Cry Anymore“, last March, Shakira He has been part of countless programs with the intention of talking about this new material as well as his own career.

After the publication of her twelfth studio album, the businesswoman also announced her tour “Women No Longer Cry World Tour”, which will begin in November of this year and with which it will visit a large number of cities in the United States.

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