VIDEO: Juan, brother of Jenni Rivera, assures that he had a paranormal approach with the singer in the place where he died

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Almost 10 years after the death of Jenni Riverabetter known as 鈥淟a Diva de la Banda鈥, her name continues to establish herself as one of the most successful American singers of Mexican origin in history.

Due to his successful career, since in the United States and Mexico alone it is estimated that Rivera sold 25 million records, Jenni Rivera transcended history because she was one of the first women who shone in a musical guild that in its beginnings was mostly led by men.

Jenni Rivera and her album Mariposa de barrio, soundtrack of the singer鈥檚 biographical series, debuted at number five on the Billboard regional Mexican album, thus becoming the female artist with the most Top five within Billboard, even after passing away.

With this, the total number of times Jenni Rivera鈥檚 name has appeared on the Top 10 lists rises to 14, consolidating, as well as the female voice that has been on this list of first places in Billboard the most times, thus breaking the tie she had with the legend Selena Quintanilla.

However, it was December 9, 2012, when Jenni Rivera lost her life in a plane crash on her way to Mexico Cityafter having offered a great concert at the Monterrey Arena where he spoiled thousands of fans with his hits.

That December 9, 2012Jenni Rivera boarded a plane that she never thought she would not get out of, this after finishing a concert at the Monterrey Arena in Nuevo Le贸n.

In this regard, Juan Rivera, brother of the 鈥淒iva de la Banda鈥 revealed how they found their sister Jenni after the accident in which she died.

鈥淭here were pieces of the plane about 300 meters around, we went down to the accident area, and at that moment I could not believe what had happened. I dropped the twenty when I saw my sister鈥檚 things, there were clothes, a little box of her eyelashes, we left everything there out of respect. Where the plane hit there was a leaf floating, it didn鈥檛 move just like it was floating in the air, and when I got closer I saw that it was a page from the bible that Jenni always carried, we kept it because we thought it was a message from my sister who was still there鈥


Juan Rivera did not give details of his sister鈥檚 remains, but stressed that he did not see his sister鈥檚 things until the next day in Monterrey, when they handed him over to the corresponding authorities who arrived at the accident area minutes after he arrived at the scene. .

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