VIDEO: Karol G affirms, in the middle of the concert, that she is engaged and sparks wedding rumors – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Karol G affirms, in the middle of the concert, that she is engaged and sparks wedding rumors – El Diario NY

Karol G has lived a time of contrasts in recent days. And after suffering the breakdown of her private plane that made her make an emergency landing, the singer also suffered a series of setbacks at her concert in Guatemala City that made her burst into tears.

However, despite the “unfortunate” events, the Colombian has also taken the time to interact with her fans and reveal, almost accidentally, her current “love” status.

And during her most recent presentation, in the same city of Guatemala, the “QLONA” interpreter responded to a fan who showed her a sign that said: “Karol, my husband wants to leave me for you.”

Karol G performing in a show.
Karol G recently suffered an accident on his plane.
Credit: Mezcalo

What did Karol G say about their relationship?

After reading the fan’s poster, Karol G She decided to respond with an announcement that confused the vast majority of those present as well as her fans in general: “But I’m already engaged. But if she still wants to leave her for me, get another one, ready?”

After the singer’s statement, social networks became a “hotbed” of rumors indicating that Karol G had revealed that his current partner, Feidand she, had gotten engaged.

However, and despite the variety of the “emotion” of his followers, a large number of Colombian fans of Karol G They clarified that the word “engaged”, in Colombia, refers to a couple being in a formal relationship and it is not a wedding.

It is worth remembering that during the last months, both Karol G as Feid They have been involved in a series of rumors and controversies regarding their relationship. And while videos went viral in which the couple danced in a “sensual” manner in the middle of the Colombian’s concert, a few months ago, rumors about a probable breakup did not stop appearing.

Karol G and Olga Tañón, both of them have experienced difficult moments on a plane in recent days.

The above grew exponentially after the revelation of the South American singer’s most recent song “Contigo” with Young Miko. In this clip, both singers pretend to be a couple that “fights” for their love despite the obstacles of society itself. However, the real controversy arose due to the diversity of “suggestive” scenes that made many think that both stars were in a relationship.

Despite the obvious “evidence”, Karol G revealed that the song was actually a sort of tribute to the LGBTQ+ community.

After the Colombian’s clarification, and her recent revelation, it seems that both Karol G and Feid They move forward with firm steps in their relationship.

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