Video: Meet ‘El Buen Pastor’, the dangerous prison that Karol G visited in Bogotá, Colombia

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Colombian singer Carol G31, gave another example of his humility with the recent visit he made to the ‘Good Shepherd’a women’s prison in the city of Bogota.

Through a video, which was broadcast by the Instagram account of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, ‘La Bichota’ is seen standing in the central courtyard of the prison, while hundreds of people are seen and heard from a distance. of inmates accompanying her in the interpretation of ‘200 Cups’one of his greatest hits.

“Karol G sings to the inmates of the Buen Pastor prison in Bogotá,” the Instagram account of the Univision show published in the description of the video.

Thanks to this material we were able to notice and witness the deplorable conditions and overcrowding in which the areas of this important Bogota prison live.

What is ‘El Buen Pastor’ prison like and where is it located?

The history of the ‘El Buen Pastor’ prison dates back to the end of the 19th century and owes its name to the fact that in its beginnings the control and surveillance was carried out by the Missionary Sisters of the Good Shepherd, who sought to rehabilitate the prisoners through morality and religion.

The original building ceased to function over time, and in 1957 the construction of the current penitentiary center, located at Cra. 58 ##80-95, was completed.

The Imprisonment of Women of Bogotáas it is also known, is administered by the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute and has a 1,275 internalbut is inhabited by more than 2,500.

“We inmates have to put up with the bad smells, there is no water, in the cells we have up to five inmates. There are many viruses, there are many fungi”, narrated a rea ​​in an interview with Noticias Caracol.

Among the women who have passed through the cells of this prison are the journalist Adriana Arango, the serial killer María Concepción Ladino, as well as the Argentine star Silvia Gette.

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