VIDEO: Michelle Renaud would have made a rudeness to 脕ngela Aguilar in recordings of ‘La Herencia!

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The so-called 鈥淧rincess of the Mexican Regional鈥, Angela Aguilarmade her debut on the small screen after starring in the theme song of the new telenovela directed by Juan Osorio called 鈥楲a Herencia鈥, a melodrama in which the Mexican actress, michelle renaud.

But on this occasion, followers of both stars noticed a curious event in an excerpt from the clips, which both shared on their social networks, which would reveal an alleged enmity between the singer and the actress.

Despite the fact that both treated each other cordially during the filming of the music video for the main theme of 鈥楲a Herencia鈥, A video shared on TikTok shows how Michelle Renaud makes a rude move on Pepe Aguilar鈥檚 daughter when she comes to greet her.

In the comments of the video many Users assure that the Televisa actress is jealous of 脕ngela Aguilar, while there are those who maintain that everything is a problem of perspectiveWell, if you look carefully at the clip, you can see that in reality the interpreter of 鈥楾ell me how you want鈥 was not going to greet Renaud, but another actor.

This latest version makes sense if you take into consideration that one of the first to share insta stories of the recording of the musical theme was Michelle Renaud herself, who surely greeted from the beginning the beautiful singer who was excitedgreeted everyone at the farm where the melodrama takes place.

In her Instagram stories, the actress highlighted that the production of 鈥淟a Herencia鈥 had only the best, referring to the musical talent of the Mexican regional performer who has won the hearts of many Mexicans.

Also, in another of his clips, Michelle Renaud sings a fragment of 鈥楲a Malague帽a鈥, a song that 脕ngela Aguilar sang for the Televisa productiondemonstrating his admiration for the effort with which Pepe Aguilar鈥檚 daughter interprets his melodies.

For its part, 脕ngela Aguilar is characterized by not being a show character who is involved in controversies and who has openly said she is a feministfor which a feud with Michelle Renaud ends up being ruled out because of alleged jealousy.

Although if you want to draw your own conclusions, we recommend that you click here to see the video in which Michelle Renaud supposedly does something rude to 脕ngela Aguilar.

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