Video of a fight between two women welcoming Maripily Rivera in Puerto Rico goes viral – El Diario NY

Video of a fight between two women welcoming Maripily Rivera in Puerto Rico goes viral – El Diario NY

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The reception to Maripily Rivera In Puerto Rico it was a sign of the affection that the island’s inhabitants have for the actress, who this week became the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, which was broadcast on the Telemundo television network.

However, a fact has gone viral and not precisely because of the affection they have for the “Boricua hurricane”, but because of the intense fight that two women had in the event venue known as the T-Mobile District.

In the images that were spread on social networks, you can see how these two people hit each other intensely and at one point even grabbed each other by the hair.

For now, the reason that sparked this confrontation is unknown, but due to the unexpected, thousands of comments have been generated on social networks.

“My God, they already hated me with Maripily’s posts”, “That infiltrated era of Lupillo Rivera”, “The positioning got out of control”, “I like my town, I like my people”, they wrote some users.

Other messages that were read were: “Hahaha this is the reality of Maripily’s followers, does it surprise you? “I am very concerned about the mental health of this island.”

Reception for Maripily Rivera in Puerto Rico

The artist managed to spend four months on the reality television program and if she showed anything, it is that the Puerto Rican public admires her intensely and that is why they saved her on 10 occasions when she was nominated by her colleagues and in addition to this she achieved victory within the competence.

After spending time at the airport and then in a caravan with her people, the famous woman gave a statement to the press in which she spoke about her upcoming projects such as the play ‘Maripily’s House: Anything Goes’, which will be It sold out in a matter of hours and that’s why they had to open two more dates.

Presentations are scheduled for July 19, 20 and 21.

She also indicated that she will donate her dresses to college girls in Puerto Rico and that she hopes to use the money she earned to build a gym for single mothers.

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