VIDEO: Oh baby!  Alexa devices pray in department store at 2 am – 24 Hours

VIDEO: Oh baby! Alexa devices pray in department store at 2 am – 24 Hours

The Devices Alexa were activated -apparently alone- around two o’clock in a department store in Mexico City; users are terrified.

A video of alleged paranormal activity inside a branch of Iron Palace located in the Historical Center From Mexico City.

In said clip – who when it appeared was recorded with his cell phone by an alleged security guard – the interior of the store can be seen dark and without people, it was supposedly around two in the morning.

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Then, the supposed guard captures several Alexa devices that have activated and are praying, in response to “external stimuli” that they apparently captured.

It is worth mentioning that Alexa has algorithms Artificial intelligence (AI) that are configured to respond to various voice commands executed by their owners and thus manage to execute actions.

That is, for it to be activated and to perform the prayers, they must have received an order by someone’s voice, which apparently did not happen, but they were still activated.

However, the device may erroneously capture as indications a conversation that does not necessarily have to be carried out by a natural person at the time, but rather can be captured from a recording.

The devices come together to play the Chaplet of Divine Mercya prayer that contains the Sign of the Cross, Our father, Ave Maria and the creed.

Given the astonishing clip, some users questioned the veracity of the terrifying video and remain skeptical and seek to give a logical explanation to the matter.

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Others indicate that everything was prepared in order to gain likes and visits on social networks, which at the moment continue to register a large number of reproductions and visits.

The department store, Palacio de Hierro, has not given an explanation for what happened in one of its branches in Mexico City.


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