VIDEO: Selena Gómez breaks down in tears after the ovation her film “Emilia Pérez” received in Cannes – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Selena Gómez breaks down in tears after the ovation her film “Emilia Pérez” received in Cannes – El Diario NY

Selena Gomez became the main protagonist of the premiere of the film “Emilia Perez”, of which it is a part, on the night of last May 18 within the Cannes International Film Festival 2024.

Prior to the presentation of the French film, the Latin singer caused a total stir upon her arrival on the French coast, on May 17, thanks to her spectacular looks as well as the attention she gave to her fans.

However, it was after the premiere of the film directed by Jacques Audiard where the businesswoman also became the protagonist of the night when she burst into tears after the audience present applauded the production with screams and whistles.

Selena Gomez becomes a Cannes star

Prior to the reaction of Selena Gomezand after the end of the film, the director of “Emilia Perez” he waved his hat toward his stars as a sign of recognition after the applause began. Given this, the rest of the cast, made up of celebrities of the stature of Zoe Saldana and Edgar Ramirezshared an emotional hug that encouraged the public.

The protagonist of the film, Karla García Gascónwas another of the most applauded stars thanks to the great role she plays in the film as the leader of a drug cartel seeking gender affirmation surgery.

After this, it was Selena Gomez who could not hold back her tears in the face of such an ovation, the first of this magnitude in the singer’s career, causing Gascón herself to help her wipe away her tears.

In the production, Gomez plays the wife of Gasconwho decides to hire a lawyer, Zoe Saldanato help you in your transition process and become the woman you always wanted to be.

After its premiere, “Emilia Perez“will continue in the race to win the much coveted Cannes Palme d’Orwhere great films such as “The Apprentice”, which chronicles the youth of former United States President Donald Trump, among others.

Selena Gomez posing.

Likewise, the French film will compete for Queer Palman independent award sponsored by various brands that recognizes titles entered in the competition that address LGBTQ+ themes.

After passing through Cannes, Selena Gomez She will return to the United States to continue with her diversity of projects such as the new album she is working on as well as the pre-production of the film based on the singer’s life. Linda Ronstadtin which she will play the protagonist in addition to serving as producer.

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