VIDEO: Sister-in-law of Alejandra Guzmán recognizes that audios in which she speaks ill of the Guzmán Pinal family are real and it is her voice

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A new scandal surrounds the Pinal Guzmán Dynasty, because now from within the famous family dimes and diretes arose from the wife of the brother of Alexandra, Luis Enrique.

Mayela Laguna, spouse of Luis Enrique Guzmán decided to talk about the audios that were made known in which she allegedly expresses herself badly about her husband and the Guzmán family.

“A few months ago they extorted me for getting intimate information about me, since they hacked my cell phone, and they extorted me and I ignored it and said ‘do what you want’, and I think it’s these audios”explained Alejandra Guzmán’s sister-in-law in an interview for the Hoy program.

Laguna also added that “If at any time I spoke ill of my husband, or of the Guzmán family, it was at some point of vulnerability, that I told a friend, like everyone in this life we ​​talk about what happens to us.”

Supposedly in the audios, Mayela points out that she is in charge of the pizzeria that she put together with Luis Enrique; however, she does not receive salaryfeels like a slave and it is even said that she points out her husband as a macho.

“This pizzeria belongs to Luis Enrique and mine, we both put it together with all the effort and we both received money from this. I have not listened to the audios, nor do I want to listen to them, obviously if I get to listen to them and hear that it is distorted I will defend it, otherwise, well, it is the truth, that is how it happens, that is how it happens in all families in the world, nothing more than this family is unique”.


And if that was not enough, A friend of Luis Enrique told the media that Alejandra’s brother and his wife are a destructive couple, since they both consume alcohol and other substances.and for Luis Enrique the rocker is a gold mine.

“A magazine that has spent months, years, throwing bad vibes at this family, we are united, we are together and everything that is written in the magazine is a lie, as always.”MAYELA LAGOON

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