VIDEO: Son sends his mother to a nursing home by Uber;  moves the driver to tears – 24 Hours

VIDEO: Son sends his mother to a nursing home by Uber; moves the driver to tears – 24 Hours

A video circulates on social networks that captured the heartbreaking and sad moment that a woman experienced elderly lady after his son asked for a Uber to send it to a asylum; moved the driver.

The family undoubtedly plays a fundamental role in the physical care of the elderly, as it involves multiple tasks and responsibilities, as well as time and effort, emotional and affective aspects, which on many occasions they are not willing to give, either due to lack of interest. , dedication or even personal interests, that is, the family or children want to take ownership of the material assets of the elderly, so they look for an alternative to “get rid of them” such as nursing homes.

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In these spaces, the necessary care is provided, depending on whether people suffer from degenerative diseases, physical deterioration, fragility or difficulty carrying out activities of daily living.

Although there are those who are perfectly healthy, they just voluntarily seek to be in one of these places so as not to inconvenience their families, there are other people, as we already mentioned, who “force” them to leave.

Such is the case of a woman whose son asked for an Uber to take her directly to a nursing home.

In a clip circulating in .

So much is his desperation that he even offers double what they paid to return it.

“I’m going to give you double, take me home. Of what they gave him, I am going to give him double because I am not going to a nursing home, I have my little house.”

Likewise, the mother asks the driver, who listens to the woman’s words with tears in her eyes: “to tell her son that “she is no longer going to bother him with her pain and sadness, even if she spends it alone.” “but if he is already bored with her, he should leave her in the house, but alone, “Don’t leave me on the street, son,” the lady asks.

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The woman who works for the Uber platform, and who had initially indicated that she could not return her because she had already been paid, after hearing such heartbreaking words, even pointed out that when she picked her up, her surprise was that the old woman was outside alone, without no one who was saying goodbye to her.

As expected, the video has shocked social networks and has received comments such as: “For those who argue that they have children, so as not to be alone in old age”, “What a pain some people do not value their mothers when they are alive.” ”, “I find it hard to believe that children like that spawn of the devil exist.”


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