Video: Terror on the road, drug traffickers chase them and live to tell about it

Narcos unleash a chase on a Mexican highway.

Narcos unleash a chase on a Mexican highway.

Photo: Capture taken from the video of @codigorojocdmx / Courtesy

A minute of terror lived two men who were driving a truck on a highway in Mexico, when they realized that they were being pursued by drug traffickers. The persecution occurred in Zacatecas, a state of Mexico that disputes the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), everything was recorded in a video that circulates on social networks.

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The video was recorded by those affected, in it it is observed, through the mirror, that a black vehicle, at full speed, is following them. They immediately communicate with someone else through what seems to be a radio station that other people ask them: “What do we do? What do we do?”

Macabre find

The war between drug traffickers has gained strength in that state, just last January 6, they left the new governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal, as a Three Kings Day gift, a truck outside the Government Palace with 10 bodies that showed signs of torture . According to Mexican authorities, four of the identified victims had a criminal history related to the drug dealing.

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