VIDEO: They demand a woman to put on a mask inside a movie theater in Mexico and the scene ends in assaults

The use of masks in closed spaces such as movie theaters is mandatory in Mexico.

The use of masks in closed spaces such as movie theaters is mandatory in Mexico.

Photo: SAM PANTHAKY / AFP / Getty Images

Despite the punctuality of the recommendations in movie theaters in Mexico to avoid COVID infectionsTo keep silent at all times in order to avoid spreading drops of saliva in the environment and to use a mask almost permanently, a woman decided to break the rules.

However, his risky action was not unnoticed by other users, as shown in a video that became known on social networks, where the voice of a man demands that the woman put on the mask, with the phrase: “Use your mask!”

In reaction, the spectator, at the insistence, indicates “Can you ask me please?” repeatedly, as she directs her hand to her purse, apparently looking for her mask.

Suddenly, the same voice returns and calls her: “Unconscious! … “you’re coughing”, while listening to the phrase “I Don´t give a shit” (I don’t give a shit) “, provoking the anger of the companion, who tries to snatch the phone from the person recording.

In the middle of exchanging phrases in English and slapping, the woman gets up immediately to stop the aggression, “now” indicates as she finishes putting on the mask and turns “I fart so much for this?”, to which the person behind the device reiterates “because of your cough!” “Oh please. It is very controlled ”says the protagonist of the video.

Finally, The couple ironically advises the claim: “Don’t you want to get infected? Do not go out”.

The material was shared on Twitter by Los Supercívicos paraphrasing the context of the situation as a technical sheet: “Movie- Lord And Lady“ I Don´t Give A Shit ”. Genre- Ignorant Comic Terror. Address- Ómicron. Language- Spanglish ”, he describes.

So far the location is unknown, as well as the movie where the moment was lived. The only data available is the recording date, January 6, 2022 and that was raised on the Cinemex chain.

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