Video: Two men are executed after pursuit and shooting on an international highway

In "the noses of the police" they murder two people.

Two people are murdered under 鈥渢he nose of the police鈥.

Photo: @Calvarie_Locus / Courtesy

In the border state of Sonora, in Mexico, there was a brutal armed attack, after a persecution on an international highway, the balance: two dead men. The murder occurred in broad daylight and right in front of the Esperanza Police Station, at the height of a luxurious golf club.

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The shooting was recorded in a video that circulates on the internet and in which two subjects are seen shooting at a white vehicle, later they run to board a black car, while the hail of bullets does not stop.

According to the first reports of the mexican policea, one of the victims was identified as Rodrigo C., who was left dead aboard a gray sedan, with plates from the state of Sonora.

The other dead person was found near the road, in a vacant lot, it is known that he was wearing blue jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and red tennis shoes. The man had gunshot wounds.

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