VIDEO: Two teenagers rescued from a mountain, thanks to writing an ‘SOS’ sign in the snow

The hikers were reported to authorities as missing on New Year's Eve.

The hikers were reported to authorities as missing on New Year’s Eve.

Photo: Craig Mitchelldyer / Getty Images

Two 19 year old teens, who remained stuck on the side of a mountain in Oregon, were rescued by the Coast Guard from United States, after they detected their ‘SOS’ sign written in the snow.

The teens had embarked on a winter camping trip near Swastika Mountain in the Umpqua National Forest on Christmas Day and did not return as expected on Dec. 29, authorities told the Oregonian newspaper.

The hikers were reported to authorities as missing on New Year’s Eve.

With heavy snow in the area, a US Coast Guard helicopter was deployed to help the Lane County Sheriff’s Department find them.

The teams were able to locate the two boys, after identifying the distress sign “SOS” that they had written in the snow.

Video released by the Coast Guard shows crew members alighting from the helicopter once they were found.

None of the hikers, whose names were not released, were injured, authorities said.

“These young men did a lot of good things to have the best chance of being rescued,” Lieutenant Maggie Champin, commander of the North Bend Sector MH-65 aircraft, told the newspaper.

“By writing ‘SOS’ in the snow, staying close to your vehicle, and staying close to forest roads, we were able to find them relatively quickly. We recommend hikers to carry personal locator beacons while in the interior of the country. “

During the rescue mission, the helicopter crew also identified two other hikers in distress and reported it to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. According to the Oregonian, the name Swastika mountain comes from the swastika-shaped brand of cattle used by a local rancher, long before the symbol was appropriated by the Nazis.

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