Video: With a rain of lead, they attack the police station and shoot a police officer

Narco hitmen kill Mexican police.

Narco hitmen kill Mexican police.

Photo: Captured from the video of @OfficialBalam / Courtesy

Villagers captured on video the moment when hitmen They fired a rain of lead at a Mexican police command for more than a minute, this caused the death of an agent and injured another uniformed man. The events occurred in San Luis Potosí, a state where there is a strong presence of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) and the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

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In the recording that went viral on social networks, the perspective of the neighbors is appreciated through a grid and the gunshots are already heard loudly, then they take shelter in their home and continue recording through the window and wondering among themselves , if the aggressors “already left”.

The Department of Public Security the state confirmed the death of Martín Apodaca Vázquez; while Juan José Medina Vázquez was transferred to the Regional Hospital, where he was reported out of danger.

The San Luis Potosí Prosecutor’s Office investigates the armed command that arrived at the command and opened fire, did not rule out that it has links with the organized crime due to the increase in violence in the last year in the face of the battle that they maintain for control of the square.

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