VIDEOS: Nicki Minaj is arrested in Amsterdam for possession of marijuana;  The singer broadcast her arrest live-El Diario NY

VIDEOS: Nicki Minaj is arrested in Amsterdam for possession of marijuana; The singer broadcast her arrest live-El Diario NY

American singer Nicki Minaj was involved in a new controversy after being detained at the International Airport of Amsterdam-Schipholin the Netherlands, by customs agents, due to alleged possession of marijuana.

Although the Dutch authorities preserve the identity of the people they arrest for this type of crime, the face and name of minaj It was revealed because the artist herself broadcast live, through her social networks, the moment of the incident.

In the diversity of videos, taken from the same broadcast of the interpreter of “Cob”, the American can be heard confronting the authorities by mentioning: “I don’t have drugs and I’m not going to go in there. I need the presence of a lawyer,” after an agent told him “you have drugs.”

In another video, minaj enters a police vehicle mentioned his concern about not arriving on time to the city of Manchester, United Kingdom, venue of his next presentation within his world tour “Pink Friday 2”. Regarding this show, it was recently revealed that it will be postponed.

Likewise, and after the incident went viral, the same Dutch police revealed that the artist had been released with a fine.

What will happen to Nicki Minaj?

After her recent arrest, the singer used her social networks again to spread her position regarding what happened.

Now they say that they have found weed and that another group of people has to come here to weigh the cigarettes already prepared.”

Nicki Minaj


In the same message, the singer states that the substance found, which was reported to the Dutch police, belongs to her security team. In another post on

Finally, the singer accused her former work team of being responsible for preventing her from arriving at her next appointment in order to have “negative stories” written about her. Likewise, she revealed that this situation was a product of “envy.”

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

Until now, and after the arrest of minajno official statement regarding the superstar’s arrest has been revealed or mentioned. Within the regulations in the Netherlands, it is allowed to possess up to 5 grams of marijuana per person. However, it cannot pass through customs.

The current tour of minaj, Pink Friday 2still has various dates scheduled in cities in Europe and North America.

Prior to the recent arrest of minajthe actor Bill Skarsgårdknown for various films such as “Item“, “John Wick 4“, and soon “The Crow” and “Nosferatu”, was also arrested at the airport in Stockholm, Sweden, for possession of marijuana. According to local media, the actor accepted his guilt and paid a fine of $3,825 dollars.

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