Vinícius Jr. breaks down in tears at a conference when talking about racism: “I have less and less desire to play” – La Opinion

Vinícius Jr. breaks down in tears at a conference when talking about racism: “I have less and less desire to play” – La Opinion

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The star of real Madrid and the Brazilian team, Vinicius Jr.could not contain his tears this Monday at a press conference when was questioned about racism that has suffered and through tears he explained that this fight is important for all people to have a better life.

“I understand that people talk about what they talk about, about what I do in games, because I have many things to improve, but “I have been studying the topic of racism for a long time and I have less and less desire to play.”said in the press conference prior to the match that the Verdeamarela will have against Spain at the Santiago Bernabéu.

I draw strength from my family and the people who tell me to keep fighting. and defending what I believe in. “I want to continue fighting for all the people who need it,” he added.

A ‘Vini’ who, after composing himself, when he continued to be asked about the racism he has suffered, cried again when he assured that he only wants to “play football and do everything for my club and for my family.”

“Playing football is very important but the fight against racism is very important. I want people of color to have a life like everyone else. If it weren’t for that I would have given up already. The only thing I want is to continue playing football and May all people have a better life”, he assured.

An answer after which received applause from the journalists present in the press room, in a standing ovation started by a press worker from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

The Brazilian soccer player criticized that he sees no progress in his fight against racism since “The problem is that in Spain racism is not a crime” and that “because of this, everything is more complicated.”

“It is very sad because with each complaint I feel sadder. Verbal racism is happening towards black people, it happens a lot in Spain and in the rest of the world. It makes me very sad, it also happened to my father because they chose white people to work. I have fought a lot, but no one is supporting me; Every day I feel sadder about this. They have chosen me to speak today because it is a cause for which I am fighting so that in the near future it does not happen to anyone,” he declared.

What makes me most angry is the lack of punishment. May all those people get away with everything they do. In Barcelona a case was filed… it would help if there was a punishment so that people would be afraid to say what they say,” he said.

“The support of the CBF is very important to me. In Brazil racism is now a crime, and that helps. I feel more welcomed. Now the questions are not an attack where I have no right to respond. I feel supported by the players and teammates because there is more and more talk about thisbut FIFA, UEFA and Conmebol could do more. I hope that in the future it will become less and there will be fewer people who go through this,” she commented.

“I draw strength from family and people who suffer. I come from a place where there was not much of a future, and just by being here I have already won. It is very difficult, but I fight because there are many people who need it,” he revealed.

On the other hand, Vinícius assured that, despite the racism he has suffered in Spain, he has not thought about leaving Real Madrid.

“I have never thought about being able to leave here because if I leave here I am giving the racists what they want. I want to fight to be in the best team in the world, scoring many goals and winning many titles so that people see my face more and more. I want to play football and bring joy to my people and the people who go to the stadium. Racists are a minority. I am a daring player who plays for Real Madrid, where we win many titles, it is very complicated; but I’m going to stay strong. The club supports me to continue here and win many things,” he said.

‘Vini’ wanted to thank Nico Williams and other footballers who support him in his fight for the words.

“All the players support me. Everyone writes me messages and goes to the press to say that everything he is doing in the stadiums with me is very sad and that it must be changed. I thank you; They know the difficulty of thinking about what can happen in the fields. I want to go to a field to play and do the best I can; because I love playing soccer, also on vacation. I want to play football to do great things,” he said.

Furthermore, the Brazilian pointed out that in Spain “there are many racists” and that he feels that the insults against him have increased after his first complaint.

“I am sure that Spain is not a racist country. But there are many racists, and many are in the stadiums. This must be changed. Maybe people don’t know what racism is. At 23 years old, I have to teach what racism is and what it affects me. I thought I had fewer episodes before, but since the first time I reported it, it has increased. They are not punished, they have more strength for it and they know that words about my skin can affect me,” he commented.

Finally, he left a plea in search of the union of black people to fight against racism.

“We can all be together. Advocating for things to change. We who are black know that we have to do twice as much, so if we are together it is better for everyone. Only those who are black know what we really went through; We have to stay together,” he concluded.

*With information from EFE.

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