Violeta Isfel is considering moving after problems with her current neighbors – El Diario NY

Violeta Isfel is considering moving after problems with her current neighbors – El Diario NY

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The actress violet isfel is having a bad time with his neighbors and even He confessed during an interview with ‘TVyNovelas’ that he intends to move ASAP.

Isfel recently spoke with this Mexican magazine and They talked about their work in the plays ‘Lagunilla mi barrio’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’and also about her current life with her husband Raúl Bernal, whom she married in November of last year.

It must be remembered that in April of last year the actress opened the doors of his new apartment in Pachucain the state of Hidalgo.

Now, he has commented that he has many problems with his neighbors. He explained: “I have a very nocturnal lifemy Sundays are Mondays. I get up very early on Sunday and the fact that I am running for the neighbors is not the best thing in the world.”

She also says that they have complained about the noise they make when she and Bernal have sex: “We can’t ‘mess up’ at ease, they told me to shut up. The neighbor, in full climax, playing from above. The last time I even wanted to do it more.”

On the other hand, he says: “Omar is a musician and his inspiration comes at night, so we are the other way around, he has to live with headphones, but we are very respectful, although suddenly the little message arrives: ‘Neighbor, don’t sing‘”.

She confesses that she and her partner understood that Life in buildings is not going well for them and they prefer to start looking for a new place to live. Everything seems to indicate that when the current lease ends they will look for a house to be more comfortable.

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