Voting for ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: Puerto Rico is clear about who it will save next Monday – El Diario NY

Voting for ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: Puerto Rico is clear about who it will save next Monday – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 32

In ‘The House of Famous People 4’ A fight is being waged between Puerto Rican stars, since Patricia Corcino and Maripily Rivera are nominated. For days the two Puerto Ricans have shown differences and on Monday, April 15, it will be known which of them the public supports.

Because both are nominated, the island’s residents are voting for who they think deserves another week in the competition.

Given the proximity of the elimination day, they have done several surveys on social networks and the majority favors Maripily Rivera, who has had a controversial participation, but it is also true that she has a lot of support from the audience.

In the program ‘Hoy Día Puerto Rico’ they asked people who they think should be saved and the results were quite overwhelming.

With 93% of the votes, the public elected Maripily Rivera. While Patricia Corcino achieved 7%.

Although they are not definitive results, this survey demonstrates the preference there is towards ‘Hurricane Boricua’.

For many, Maripily Rivera has shaken things up a lot in the house, as she has been the protagonist of several discussions, but also fun moments that have entertained the audience.

Presenter Carlos Adyan shared this preview of the voting on his X account and many reacted: “I don’t like it, none of them, but I prefer to save Patricia. Seeing Maripily and hearing her speak makes me turn off 24/7”, “Carlos, among Puerto Ricans we know that Patricia only seeks to outshine her compatriots as she did in the past with two, she is trying to do it with Maripily, you as a communicator must To know the story of this woman, believe me, Maripily is not a saint but she is a thousand times better.”

Others indicated: “I prefer Maripili although I don’t like many things about her because she doesn’t calculate when she speaks but that can be corrected, but you can see that she has a noble heart. Patricia feels very double standards, it seems to me that she is explosive like Maripili but she wants to do her against”, “I am not a fan of either of them. But in this case I vote for Maripily because she was first, since Paty wanted to steal the spotlight from MP and ride that wave instead of waiting for her moment, which could be next season.”

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