Walmart cashier manages to retire at 82 thanks to viral video on TikTok

Walmart cashier manages to retire at 82 thanks to viral video on TikTok

the story of a walmart cashierwho continued to work at his 82 years oldhas become quite popular on the internet, after it was revealed that was able to retire thanks to the generous initiative of a TikTok userand this is his story.

The events occurred in the city of Cumberland, located in Maryland, United Statesa country where it is not uncommon to go down the street or in a shopping center and meet a grandfather who, with a great attitude, but with the evident heaviness of the years, has to work to be able to bring bread to his home, since many of the Americans are forced to continue working until old age.

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And although the reality is that more and more elderly people have to leave their homes to obtain economic resourceswithout a doubt, something that can move anyone is to see an older adult workjust as it happened to this tiktoker.

This was the help to retire the 82-year-old cashier

Warren “Butch” Marion is a veteran of the United States Navy, who just a few weeks ago Little did she know that she would be able to retire, pay off her house, and travel to Florida to see her children.

All these dreams could become a reality, thanks to the user generosity of the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and at the push of the tiktoker and owner of a small company called Bug Boys, Roy McCartywho A video in which he explained the situation of the old man went viral.

McCarty met Butch last December while shopping for a battery pack at Walmart, at which point discovered that the old man worked 40 hours a weekso it occurred to him film a TikTok and ask his almost 280 thousand followers to help him retire.

Cashier receives check and appreciates the big surprise

After the noble campaign, the US Navy veteran got a big surprisesince he was surprised by the tiktoker when he found out that they would give you a check for more than 100 thousand dollars (which is equivalent to one million 876 thousand 710 Mexican pesos), which were raised on the web by Roy McCarty.

As a business owner and knowing how difficult it was to find good help for my business, i was amazed to see this little old man still working, eight to nine hour shifts. He wanted to help this Navy veteran live out the rest of his years traveling to see his children in Florida and not be standing still for eight hours a day.. Do the things that you would love to do and that you may not be able to do for financial reasons, ”he commented to the media.

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“Like a bird out of the cage”

with great emotion, Butch couldn’t believe his eyes when he finished his last day of work and they gave him the symbolic check in the Walmart parking lot, so he shared that she would use the money to pay off her house and some outstanding bills, as well as to visit her daughter and grandchildren in Florida whom she hasn’t seen in years.

This is unreal. I feel like a new man, like a bird out of the cage”, he indicated to local media.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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