Wanda Nara suffers a wardrobe problem and shows part of her breast during a live broadcast

Wanda Nara suffers a wardrobe problem and shows part of her breast during a live broadcast

Wanda Nara.

Wanda Nara.

Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP / AFP / Getty Images

The apparitions of Wanda Nara on social networks they are always interpreted as the omen of one more episode in one of their dramas. However, the businesswoman decided to take the start of the new year easy and, in the last few hours, she made a live broadcast with the intention of interacting with her fans in a casual way, without talking about controversies or targeting any media enemy.

Although attracting attention was not in his plans, the innocent alive ended up placing the businesswoman again among the most debated topics on the platform. This time, not for some spicy comment or sharp indirection, but because of the unexpected slip that culminated in an awkward blooper.

The latter was what he did on Thursday night, when without prior announcement he started a live broadcast. She did it herself in her pajamas, with her hair tied in a messy ponytail and leaning nonchalantly on the couch while one of her friends was lying next to her. She was so comfortable she was, that she didn’t realize that the loose shirt she was wearing had come down, leaving part of his chest exposed.

Despite the fact that she was staring at the cell phone screen, she did not notice the damage to the wardrobe until someone sent her a message to warn her. Finally, while she readjusted the angle of the camera, Wanda let out a cry at the same time that she turned to see her friend with a gesture between horrified and amused. Flushed and wide-eyed, she exclaimed: “You can see my nipple!”.

Saying that, the live ended abruptly. However, several users had already taken screenshots and video, which resulted in those few seconds being published on various platforms.


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