Washington launches job vacancies for people without experience with a salary of 25 dollars per hour

Washington launches job vacancies for people without experience with a salary of 25 dollars per hour

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Logistics and deliveries Pudget sound launches job offer in Washington to Ppeople without experienceTo fill this vacancy, the employer is looking for a candidate with a good attitude to work, with communication skills and ease of speech, and who enjoys providing the best customer service, always maintaining their attitude of service, kindness and professionalism. We are looking for a person who is punctual and has organizational skills.

The position offered is to work as a delivery driver, one of the requirements requested by the employer is that the person interested in this employment Have caution and the ability to drive in an organized and precise manner to be able to cover established work routes in a timely manner and thus be able to cover all designated package deliveries, always seeking customer satisfaction.

Working as a delivery driver, you will be in charge of driving an Amazon brand vehicle with which you will carry out the established package delivery route. You must make deliveries to homes, apartments and businesses. The average number of packages to be delivered per day is 300, which requires the interested party to have a true ability to organize time and work under pressure.

Additional information about this vacancy in Washington

The salary offered by this job is 25 dollars an hour plus an additional bonus that is paid weekly of 20 extra dollars for safe driving, to receive this bonus you must complete at least 4 work shifts per week, if you become a high-performance driver you will be able to increase your salary up to $29 per hourFurthermore, if you are interested in studying, this job gives you a bonus of up to $5,250 per year to invest in an accredited university.

The requirements that the employer requests to fill this job position include being at least 21 years of age, having a smartphone with internet to be able to organize deliveries and calculate transfer routes if necessary, having an impeccable record that does not have delays no absences even if they are absences for medical reasons, conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times and take care of the work vehicle as if it were your own.

You must also be an experienced driver capable of adapting to driving various types of vehicles including trucks. It is an essential requirement to have excellent physical condition as it is a very demanding job where you must be able to carry up to 50 pounds, walk, get on and off the vehicle and work. in a fast way. If you meet the requirements that are requested and you are interested in the benefits offered, do not hesitate to apply for this vacant employment, click here.

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