We celebrate Zoe Kravitz’s 34th birthday

We celebrate Zoe Kravitz’s 34th birthday

Zoe Kravitz’s talent is hereditary. Daughter of the musician and actor Lenny Kravitz and of the also interpreter Lisa Bonet, she has carved out her own successful career in the film industry, getting involved in important projects that even classify her as one of the young actresses in Hollywood with the greatest projection.

One of those projects that led her to rise to fame, without a doubt, is her character in the HBO series “Big Little Lies”, in which she also acted with the respected Nicoles Kidman and Meryl Streep.

However, from a very young age she was involved in acting. She hit the big screen when she was just a student, with supporting roles in the romantic comedy “No Reservations” (2007) and the thriller “The Brave One” (2007).

In this 2022, her name appeared in all the media, after embodying Catwoman in “The Barman”.

This December 1, the star is celebrating her 34th birthday and at Chévere we celebrate with her with these curious facts about her life and career.

He starred in a Latino movie

He worked with Douglas Smith on a Mexico/Canada co-production. It is about “The boy who smells like fish”, a film co-written and directed by the Mexican Aneila Caro; It was also screened at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

According to FilmAffinity, the film portrays Mica, a perfectly normal boy if it weren’t for the fact that he lives in the museum house of Guillermo Garibai, old glory of the Mexican song. And because he smells like fish. So it is not surprising that the girls are for Mica inhabitants of a very distant planet and to which it is impossible for him to travel. Until one day, Laura (Zoe Kravitz) appears in her life.

musical sense

The musical sense inherited from her father, Lenny Kravitz, led Zoe Kravitz to create her own band, Elevator Fight, where she excelled as a singer and wrote most of the pieces. Nevertheless, zoe He preferred to dedicate himself to acting and put the project aside.

Of course, before saying goodbye to the stage, he performed at various festivals, such as South by Southwest and on the main stage of the Roots Pictic in Philadelphia, in 2009. In that show he shared the stage with The Black Keys.

Likewise, he formed the band Lolawolf while he settled in Los Angeles. It was while filming the tape “The Road Within” in 2014.

rap lover

The actress also starred in the music video for rapper Jay-Z belonging to the single “I Know”, this as a release of the album “American Gangster”.

The audiovisual premiered 13 years ago and has 10 million views on the YouTube platform.

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