What are the drinks you should NEVER heat in the microwave and this is the powerful reason

What are the drinks you should NEVER heat in the microwave and this is the powerful reason

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Without a doubt, one of the appliances that we use the most in the home is the microwave ovens, which makes our lives much simpler because we can warm our food and drinks much faster and at the temperature we want, so we save a lot of time and it is very effective for us to do it every day so as not to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

And although this is of great help to us cook or heat in a matter of seconds or minutes what we are going to consume, there are also certain things that should not be done and that we probably have quite normalized because it is not a correct use for the oven.

On many occasions, it is very easy for us to put a cup with something drink to be able to heat it, but this practice is not highly recommended because it could actually be affecting our health and we do not realize it because we want to save a couple of minutes.


The drinks you should never put in the microwave oven

Today we will tell you what are some of the drinks that we usually consume every day, but that you should not put in the microwave oven for any reason and the fact is that many tend to do this practice every day because they are the liquids most consumed by humans

Its about water and of the milkand in the case of the famous drink made from cow, the reality is that by heating it in the oven it can lose up to half of the properties and nutrients it contains, such as vitamins, so by consuming it we would not be receiving what we believe.


Another thing that can happen is that a bacterial contamination If we put the drink in a container that is not completely clean, it could severely affect our health and contrary to what we believe, it would harm us much more.

While with water, heating it in the microwave can produce a “overheating“, which causes the vital liquid to actually skip the boiling step and boil, which is dangerous when drinking, as it can even cause burns.


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