What are the hanging plants you should put at home to absorb HEAT?

What are the hanging plants you should put at home to absorb HEAT?

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Without a doubt in this springthe high temperatures They have been hellish in many places because they have reached new levels that we were not used to and that are affecting us in many ways, so we try to find solutions such as staying hydrated, turning on fans or air conditioning, as well as having open windows. , among others.

But sometimes these actions are not enough to ward off the heat or reduce it, since there are another series of factors that affect such as the area where we live or even the lack of trees, which is why it is necessary to take into account that there are other much easier and cheaper alternatives.

One of them is to take advantage of what the floors can offer us, since there are some that help us absorb heat as part of their benefits, we just have to know which ones are suitable for this task and that will also help us decorate the interiors of our homes.

The three plants with which you can say goodbye to high temperatures

The plants that we will use on this occasion to refresh our homes will be those that stand out for being pendants, That is to say, we can decorate the ceiling of our home with them and here we will tell you which are the best options because they have the ability to absorb moisture and give us freshness.


One of the plants that will help us the most to reduce the heat inside our house is the peperomiawhich has a very characteristic leaf, as it is much rounder and this helps to offer us shade and not allow direct sunlight to enter and thus provide us with freshness, which is why it is ideal to place it in windows.



He senecio o Bead Rosary is also one of the hanging plants that you should have at home and much more because it belongs to the succulent family, which helps reduce high temperatures thanks to the fact that it releases water vapor through its leaves. as part of the perspiration process.



One of the most common plants in homes is the boston fern and the best thing is that we can get a lot out of it, since it has incredible benefits to keep us cool, since it is one of the few that acts to cool the air, that is, it is as if we had a natural air conditioning and it also helps to increase humidity. .

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