What are the impact guns and what are they for in your car

Most people do not understand the difference between a impact gun and a drill. The drills and impacts are rotary tools but their functions and features are different.

The two tools will help you cover a wide spectrum of auto repair and construction needs. Nevertheless, an impact gun is most used on vehicles.

What is an impact gun?

Impact guns are shaped like a drillbut they are smaller and shorter. This tool has features similar to a drill, such as a trigger, a handle, and a bit known as a hex collet. An impact driver is a very powerful tool used for screwdriving and tightening nuts.

An impact is smaller than drills, has more torque output, and helps you get the job done quickly. The tool provides sequential bursts automatically without you having to do anything.

What types of impact are there?

Currently there are several types of impact guns and although they all have the same function, some are more adapted to the needs of each person than others.

1.- Corded impact gun

These types of impact drivers plug directly into an electrical outlet. The advantage is that you don鈥檛 have to worry about charging batteries or carrying spare batteries. On the downside, corded impact guns are less versatile.

Corded Impact Gun
Corded impact gun / Photo: Amazon

2.- Cordless impact gun

Cordless impact drivers are battery powered. It is the most common variant of impact drivers on the market. Most people prefer this type of impact driver as it is versatile and easy to carry around. You can also work with it even when there is no light.

cordless impact gun
Cordless impact gun / Photo: Amazon

3.- Pneumatic impact gun

This tool that we will commonly find in mechanical workshops and we can realize that they are pneumatic impact guns because they are connected to an air compressor, which is used so that the guns can exert the required force.

pneumatic impact gun
Pneumatic impact gun / Photo: Amazon


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