What can I do if my Green Card has expired and I am outside the United States?

What can I do if my Green Card has expired and I am outside the United States?

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Get the card permanent residence It means a long path of procedures, requirements and waiting time for those who obtain it, although on the positive side it also means the possibility of living with more peace of mind because you do not have to worry about constantly updating your immigration status before the US authorities, however , have a Green Card It also involves a commitment that must be treated with care.

And the fact is that, although the Green Card It is one of the steps that allows holders the possibility of applying for US citizenship in the near future, it is also a document that must be handled carefully. The formalities corresponding to the Green Card may vary according to the particular situation of the beneficiary; in the event that it expires, the solution you can handle will also depend on the particular characteristics of the case.

In case you are outside USA and you Green Card is about to expire, you must make a consular request through which the immigration authorities can assist you in the Procedure correspondent. To carry out this procedure from abroad you must be within one of these assumptions for the application to be fully applicable because there are Green Cards that, due to the age with which they were issued, do not require a renewal process.

What do I do if my Green Card has expired and I am outside the United States?

In case you are abroad, if you Green Card expired, you must make sure to obtain a replacement to be able to enter the country again. Replacing this document can take a long time, therefore, the immigration authorities of USA They invite the holders of this type of document to review its validity before carrying out any procedure or before leaving the country since the replacement process is slow.

To make a request for a replacement Green Card The affected holder must fill out Form I-90 as well as cover the cost of the Procedure and go to the nearest Embassy or consulate where you are, there they will be able to provide you with advice to carry out the corresponding procedure that will allow you to travel again to USA. In general conditions, the Green Card replacement process is carried out within the United States territory.

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