What did the public say about Héctor Sandarti and his debut in ‘Cash, the weight of money’?  – The NY Journal

What did the public say about Héctor Sandarti and his debut in ‘Cash, the weight of money’? – The NY Journal

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Hector Sandarti He premiered in ‘Cash, el peso del corazón’, a TelevisaUnivision program that marks his return to the small screen in the United States, after his successful participation as host in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

This Sunday, the Guatemalan showed off his talent for animation and that is why he has received very good comments from the public, who for years he has conquered with his work.

On social networks there were many positive messages left for the famous person. Most of them to show that they liked his work in this new format.

“I loved seeing you on the screen again, it will be a great blessing, I already missed you,” “My Mr. Smile, you always shine and give us talent, sympathy and a lot of entertainment. Much success and blessings in this new project. Congratulations from Venezuela, with love.”

Other comments that were read were: “I loved it, it’s fun, it makes me laugh so much, thank you for once again having fun Sundays with the family, I love you blessings,” “Successes, successes, my Héctor.”

Héctor Sandarti at TelevisaUnivision

Some celebrities such as Alan Tacher, Gabriel Soto, Mariana Botas and Cecilia Galiano participated in the premiere of the show.

In addition to this, they announced that Briggitte Bozzo She is the second confirmed inhabitant of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’, in its second season.

Previously, Héctor Sandarti spoke on ‘Hoy’ about how excited he is to participate in this show. “It has everything, fun, laughter, it has emotion, it has a lot of crushes, because if you answer correctly, you do well, but if you answer wrong, you will inevitably be crushed by a huge safe of money“, said.

In addition to this, he stated that this show has the participation of Mrs. Lucha and Albertano Santacruz. “They are going to be team captains, they are two celebrity teams and each captain will be supporting them to do their best, although the captains also have the risk of being crushed,” he stated.

This season, several celebrities and content creators are expected to participate to demonstrate their knowledge.

The prize will go to a family. “Each celebrity team represents a family or a group of celebrities who have a dream or something,” she said.

In each show the winner can take home a maximum of 150,000 pesos.

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