What does B1 and B2 mean on the American tourist visa?

What does B1 and B2 mean on the American tourist visa?

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state Joined has a wide range of visas that it offers to foreigners, but before applying for any of them you should know that they differ one from the other according to the purpose you have when entering the country. One of the most requested is the tourism visa, also known as as type B1/B2if this is the one you have or the one you want to request, here we explain everything you need to know about it, as well as the activities you are allowed to do and those you are not allowed to do.

The visa american allows you to enter state Joined in a regulated and legal manner, since, as Mexicans, it is impossible to enter this document through any of the ports, otherwise it would be considered an illegal action, although there are some lucky countries that were exempt and do not have to have it. Mainly, they are divided into two categories: immigration and non-immigrant; It depends on the type you have, the activities you can do and the rights you have within the United States territory.

Within the immigrant category are visas for permanent employment and family sponsorship, among others that are less requested. With this you can live, work and study, but to process it a sponsor is required. On the other hand, there are those for non-immigrants that can be requested by people traveling for tourism, studies, temporary work, diplomats, among others. Typically, the latter are more requested.


What is the American tourist visa for?

The tourist visas a nonimmigrant document that allows foreigners to arrive on US soil and stay for a period of between 1 and a maximum of 180 consecutive days (6 months). With this you cannot live, study, work or receive economic income during your stay in state JoinedIf you do any prohibited activity, you could be subject to a sanction and even immediate deportation from the country. It is also known B1/B2 and this name has been officially given, therefore, when they give you your approved document, you will notice that it is classified with this alphanumeric code, which only delimits the activities that you are allowed to do.

  • B1 Visa: is for trips to negotiate contracts, allows you to attend conferences, seminars, educational workshops (that do not record academic credits) or liquidate properties
  • B2 Visa: allows foreigners to take tourist trips, visit family or friends, attend events, parties or educational courses of less than 6 months
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