What happens if you type meteorite in Google?

What happens if you type meteorite in Google?

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Google surprises us once again with a special animation related to the word “meteorite”. If you type this word in the search engine, you will see a small car crossing the screen of your device. But what does this have to do with the meteorite that crossed Spain and Portugal? Here is the explanation:

Recently, a racing car crossed the skies of Spain and Portugalleaving many viewers amazed. This astronomical phenomenon It reminded us of the beauty and surprise that the universe offers us. The object, of cometary origin, measured approximately 20 centimeters and moved at an astonishing speed of 45 kilometers per second. Despite its small size, its astonishing speed and its brilliant light phase They left the spectators amazed.

What happens if you type meteorite in Google?

Its luminous phase began about 100 kilometers above the town of Don Benito (Badajoz) and extended until it disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. During those intense seconds, the car produced a flash that illuminated the night more intensely than the moon itself. It was visible in several regions, including Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha, Madrid, Estremadura, Galicia and Portugal. Dozens of users shared videos of the meteor on social networks, making it one of the most talked about topics.

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This type of phenomenon is called supercarssince they can be detected from space. Although there are many bolides that occur throughout the year, it is not common for such a large fragment to enter such a low trajectory. In total, it is estimated that the racing car It traveled about 500 kilometers before becoming extinct, without posing a danger to the Earth. The complete disintegration of it on the Atlantic Ocean prevented it from reaching the earth’s surface, so it is not considered a meteorite in a strict sense.

Now, the animation of Google when typing “meteorite” in the search engine is not related to the Chicxulub meteorite (the one who killed the dinosaurs) nor with the racing car that crossed Spain and Portugal. In reality, it is a small interactive detail that pays tribute to the astronomical events. By watching the car cross your screen, we can appreciate the magnitude and wonder of the cosmos, even in the form of virtual animation.

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