What is a U-Turn and how can you do it?

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Before anything else, what is a u turn?

Well, a u turn is a term used in driving. It actually refers to that movement or maneuver that drivers make when making a 180-degree turn. This movement is done to change direction. Long story short, you may be in the left lane when you realize you need to go the other way, that鈥檚 when you make a u-turn. And this maneuver is so called because the whole thing looks like the letter U.

It is important to note that there are some areas where this move is considered illegal. If you notice while driving on various highways and streets that there are some areas that have signs proclaiming that they are for U-turn maneuvers only. These signs are often posted in areas that are quite busy.

How exactly do you make one? u turn?

Just keep in mind that you should always be calm and collected while doing this move. That way, despite the large number of motorists and vehicles speeding by, you鈥檒l still have good control over yourself and your car.

Turn on the turn signal, this turn signal would be the one that would show other people and motorists the direction of the turn you are taking. As you do, check for oncoming traffic. Also, make sure thatthe place where you would do the u turn allow this maneuver. Note that a U-turn should not be attempted across a double yellow line, as well as in areas where there are signs indicating that this move should not be made there.

To successfully complete a u-turn, you must follow the steps below.

鈥 Turn on your left turn signal.
鈥 Move forward, but keep your foot on the brake.
鈥 Keep your car on the right side of your lane in preparation for turning left.
鈥 When you are far enough past the median/divider, turn the steering wheel as far to the left as you can. Remember to brake at the start of your lap.
鈥 As you start to exit the curve, accelerate slightly.
鈥 Once you have completed the turn, resume normal speed.

Make sure you have enough room to make the full turn. In addition to having enough space without hitting the sidewalk or any other vehicle.


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