What is Ana Gabriel’s health status after detecting pneumonia today, May 21?

What is Ana Gabriel’s health status after detecting pneumonia today, May 21?


One of the most popular singers and loved by the public is Ana Gabrielwho unfortunately is going through a very difficult time regarding his healthwhich has caused concern after he canceled his concerts in South America and is that a pneumoniaso it is currently hospitalized and reports indicate that it has gotten worse.

This was made known by the singer herself through her social networks, since a few days ago it was reported that she was going through a condition of influenzabut he did not improve and this respiratory infection evolved into bronchitis, which made his health even more complicated.

The diagnosis of influenza was detected when he was in Chile several days ago, so he had to postpone the show and had to rest for a few days, as part of the recommendations that the doctors gave him, but now he has given an update on that your situation has not improved.

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Ana Gabriel has pneumonia and this is her state of health

The celebrity gave an update on her health condition and he stated that the flu complicated him and now it turned into pneumonia, so now he will not only need rest, but he will also have to be under medical care and have medication treatment.

“Friends (…) I want to inform you, this is not good news, the flu became complicated and turned into pneumonia. By medical orders I must remain under complete rest, under their supervision, and on medication,” he indicated.

Likewise, the “Simply Friends” interpreter took responsibility for now being in worse health and assured that did not follow medical instructions that they had given him, so he asked for the support of his audience, since he will be able to offer the concerts until the month of December.

“Maybe I felt brave and did not pay attention to the medical instructions, but hey, here I am, even with everything and my regret, I communicate to you what is happening,” he said with a face that worried his fans. I thank you very much for your understanding. “Don’t let go of my hand (…) but for my health I have to take care of myself to be able to complete the entire tour until December,” he added.

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