What is battery fluid and how to know if your car needs it

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The car is made up of many mechanical and electrical systems that work together to make the vehicle work as it should. However, most of these systems require maintenance services in order to function properly.

The battery, for example, is a fundamental piece in vehicles. In fact, if your car doesn鈥檛 have one, it won鈥檛 start. That鈥檚 why we should always check the battery in the car and add liquid if necessary.

What is battery fluid?

The liquid for batteries that you will find in different stores of parts and under different brands and manufacturers it is nothing more than distilled water. This makes sense if you take into account that the accumulators work with an electrolytic solution inside, and that the minerals and chemicals that it includes never disappear.

so, the battery fluid does is refill the accumulatorwhich over the years could suffer water losses due to poor sealing by the manufacturer or due to very adverse weather conditions such as temperatures that are too high or too low.

How do you know if you need battery fluid?

1.- Indicator eye

Some batteries have a clear battery indicator eye on the top that lights up green if the water level is good and fully charged, and turns off if the battery needs fluid or is dead.

If it is yellow, it usually means the battery fluid level is low or the battery is faulty. (Battery manufacturers recommend replacing maintenance-free batteries that have low fluid levels.)

2.- Slow start

Slow cranking or no cranking condition, dimmed lights, flashing alternator or battery light, other electrical problems, or even the lighting of check engine light may indicate battery problems.

3.- Open the filling caps

Maintenance free batteries can also be checked by opening the filler caps on top of the battery and looking inside. The fluid should be about 1/2 to 3/4 above the internal plates, or about 1/2 to an inch from the top of the battery. If the liquid is below that, it must be refilled

Both maintenance free and maintenance free batteries contain sulfuric acid which can cause severe burns. Always wear gloves and eye protection when working around a car battery. If you come into contact with battery fluid, rinse with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention.


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