What is car wind buffeting and how can it be fixed?

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In this season of the year, spring, where the cold is diminishing and the heat is starting to feel a little, that鈥檚 when going out for a drive and enjoying the fresh air can be so nice.

However, rolling down the car windows can cause a noise that is so annoying that you don鈥檛 want to hear it for a minute. This noise is called wind buffeting and can be easily solved.

What is the wind buffeting?

That exasperating sound you hear when you roll down your car windows while driving is named wind buffeting or blows of wind and it happens when one of the car windows is opened when driving at highway speeds.

According to Family Handyman, sound is the 鈥渙utside air that passes through and interacts with the air contained inside the vehicle鈥. Apparently, when these two air masses collide with each other, they repeatedly compress and decompress and produce that throbbing effect that makes you feel like you鈥檙e trapped in a small wind tunnel.

How can you solve the wind buffeting?

The solution to get rid of wind buffeting it鈥檚 quite simple: you just have to open another window. By doing so, the wind turbulence in the car is stabilized and the horrible noise will stop.

On some vehicles it is best to purchase small wind deflectors that can be placed on the front edge of the windows to redirect airflow. Also, if you want to stop the effect of the wind when you open the sunroof, you can buy a wind deflector for that as well. That way, you can drive with the wind in your hair and you won鈥檛 have to listen to the deafening sound of a small helicopter floating in your ears.

What is a deflector?

A window deflector is acrylic tabs that can be placed over car doors to protect the interior of the car from rain or other precipitation. They are lightly tinted to help reduce glare and are specific to the make and model of the car.


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