What is the American K-1 VISA also known as ‘dating’ visa and how to process it?

What is the American K-1 VISA also known as ‘dating’ visa and how to process it?

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The K-1 nonimmigrant visa (or ‘fiancé visa’) is one of the most talked about documents on social media, all due to television shows like ’90 Day Fiancé.’ And the function of said permit is not far from what is seen in the controversial reality show: it serves so that a permanent resident or a citizen of the USAmarries a foreigner, and thus, in due course, he or she can remain legally in the country.

Requirements to process the American K-1 VISA

According to him Citizenship and Immigration Service USA (USCIS, for its acronym in English,) k-1 american visa It must be requested by the interested citizen or permanent resident, which can be done on the USCIS web portal. Meanwhile, the foreign spouse must apply for a visa for themselves at the US embassy in their country. From this point, the interested US citizen becomes the ‘sponsor’ of his or her spouse; and both must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate financial solvency to remain in the USA
  • Be legally fit to marry (any previous marriage must have been dissolved)
  • Have the intention to marry within a period of 90 days, which will be after the admission of the foreign spouse to the United States.
  • Have met in person at least once in the last two years. However, this requirement may be waived if it is shown that: the in-person meeting is against the cultural customs of the foreign fiancé, or if the in-person meeting presents an extremely difficult situation for the applicant U.S. citizen (such as some problem health, for example)
  • In addition to the identity documents for each spouse, and those that corroborate a solid loving relationship between both; forms must be filled out I-129F, DS-160and I-601.

Why is the K-1 visa or fiance visa becoming controversial?

It is always important to highlight that the K-1 visa expires within the stated period of 90 days, which cannot be extended under any circumstances. If the couple does not get married within this period, the foreign spouse must leave USA or face possible deportation. Furthermore, when love ‘is not enough’ for the partner who comes from another country, he or she must be clear that she can only marry the American who completed the application process. If love resurfaces ‘suddenly’ with another permanent residentall progress is cancelled.

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