What is the benefit of mopping with vinegar and cinnamon?

What is the benefit of mopping with vinegar and cinnamon?

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If you are reading, it means that you are a person very interested in having your home tidy, clean and disinfected. Today we will share with you the benefits of cleaning of the home when you add natural ingredients like vinegar and the cinnamon. Take advantage of the benefits that these kitchen ingredients have to offer you and make the best of them so that your house is clean and cozy.

He vinegar It is a kitchen ingredient known for its versatility in various dishes, due to all the uses and benefits that this salt has, it is also used in beauty and skin care routines and is even used to deep clean or remove difficult stains. some surfaces, including fabric or clothing. The properties of vinegar There are so many that they can even be applied in garden care.

On the other hand, the cinnamonwhich is a spice that is distinguished by its unmatched smell, is the perfect ally to leave your spaces completely scented and clean. If you wish clean your spaces in depth, use these two ingredients together and make sure that your home is not only disinfected, but also renews its energy and opens the doors to better vibes for the inhabitants of the home.

Benefits of deep cleaning with vinegar and cinnamon

According to popular belief, cinnamon has properties beyond providing a pleasant aroma to your spaces. This spice is ideal if you want the energy of your home to vibrate harmoniously, therefore, in conjunction with the vinegaryou can turn the mopping experience into a true purification ritual for your home.

For clean surfaces and renew the energy of your house you need: a bucket of water, 2 cups of vinegar of apple, ½ cup of cinnamon powder, your mop. In the bucket add the vinegar of apple and then add the cinnamon powder, stir so that the cinnamon is moistened and then immerse your mop in the solution so that it captures the properties of both ingredients.

Now begins the cleaning of your home, in addition to eliminating dust and dirt, you will be able to notice how the energetic environment of your space begins to renew itself, so that this cleaning Deep function you must visualize how the heavy energy leaves your home with the cleaning and only the clean and positive energy remains in each part of your home. After cleaning, allow the solution to dry naturally with the air.

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