What is the health status of Kimberly Loaiza’s father after suffering a worrying car accident?

What is the health status of Kimberly Loaiza’s father after suffering a worrying car accident?


Once again, the name of the content creator Kimberly Loaiza monopolizes all the headlines in the press, but this time it is not because of her scandalous and controversial marriage with Juan de Dios Pantoja, but because her father’s health is at risk. A few moments ago it was reported about a accident motoring in which Mr. Eduardo Loaiza is the main person affected. What is your status health? This is what we know.

Yesterday, Sunday, May 19, a accident in Mazatlán in the Real Pacífico subdivision, at the height of the storm drain, where a sedan car fell after the driver, who was identified as Eduardo Loaiza, lost control. The events took place around 7:30 pm. After the noise, residents of the subdivision and witnesses asked 911 for help and called an ambulance, which arrived to safeguard the man’s life.

He hilly He was transferred by the medical team to the Mazatlán General Hospital, where he received medical assistance. Although he did not lose his life and they report that he is apparently fine, after a thorough examination and analysis, various bruises and blows were detected both on the head and throughout the body. After his arrival at the hospital, his family was informed of the accident. Soon their daughtersKim Loaiza and Stefany Loaiza, who requested voluntary discharge to be able to transfer their father to a private clinic in Mazatlán, where he is expected to receive a second evaluation by the medical staff.


What is the health of Kim Loaiza’s father?

So far, the content creator has not come out to give more information about the status of health from his father, well, let’s remember that it was at the end of last year that after a series of controversies that encompassed his marriage, he decided to stay away from social networks. Since last December 17, his Instagram and ‘X’ accounts have been inactive, however, his millions of followers have expressed their support and love for this terrible situation he is experiencing through comments on his publications still visible on the aforementioned platforms. .

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