What Nostradamus’s prediction says about the ‘three days of darkness’ in 2024

What Nostradamus’s prediction says about the ‘three days of darkness’ in 2024

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The predictions This 2024 they do not stop appearing and this year it seems that there will be many movements around the world and now a man called “Living room Nostradamus“has announced that there could be “three days of darkness”, which would occur for a technological blackoutas well as electronic warfare as tensions continue over a Third World war that could happen in the near future.

His name is Athos Salomé and according to him, he is psychic and many of his predictions have become a reality, which is why many believe in him and now he assures that the world will suffer technological blackouts in 2024, due to the use of technology. electromagnetic pulse.

Some of the topics that the Brazilian parapsychologist has gotten right are the pandemic in 2019, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the purchase of Twitter, now X, by Elon Musk, and now he has new warnings of which we will talk to you about next.


The predictions of Living Nostradamus

Living Nostradamus gave a series of predictions exclusively for FEMAIL, where he assured that there could be a warsuch as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technology and could bring devastating effects to the world, in addition to days full of darkness.

For him, this blackout means that technology (EMP) will be involved, as well as all the tensions that currently exist in the Half East between Israel and Iran, which could be just a beginning that could escalate into a Third World War, with which systems could be destroyed.

It should be noted that the EMP is a tool specialized in destroy information systemsthat is, it can be used as a weapon to stop different electronic devices from working, as they can cause damage through pulses.

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These non-nuclear devices can work by releasing a burst of energy in the radio frequency or microwave spectrum that can overload and damage electronic components and systems, although they are only effective on small scales. According to the expert, the Artificial intelligence It could be part of the strategies and tactics of war.

AI emerges again as a factor that could possibly serve as a peacekeeping tool and as an instigator of new confrontations. “Advanced nations, including USAhave been quietly advancing EMP technologies for security purposes. The United States has been exploring EMP capabilities since the Operation Prime tests in the 1960s with the goal of using this technology to neutralize threats with minimal physical damage. “Similarly, Russia and China are investing in EMP technologies as tools to disrupt the infrastructures of potential enemies.”

“Even North Korea, despite its limitations, is showing interest in EMP technology as part of its preemptive strike tactics. This shift in adoption signifies a growing trend in which EMP is not viewed simply as a weapon. As essential element of upcoming military efforts that have the potential to disrupt critical systems significantly and rapidly,” he noted.

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