What parts of the car you should check and change according to your mileage

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All vehicles with internal combustion engines need maintenance services from time to time in order to continue operating properly. Within these services there are some that must be done in the times recommended by the manufacturer.

Many of the systems that make up the car need to be checked and new parts replaced every certain mileage.

That鈥檚 why here we tell you which auto parts you should check and change every certain mileage.

1.- Oil filter

The car oil filter is the one in charge of keeping the lubrication system free of impurities or small metallic particles that can end up damaging the engine.

As a rulethe useful life of an oil filter is around 6,000 miles and the most advisable thing is to replace it every time the vehicle oil is changed, pTo prevent accumulated residue from seeping into the new oil.

2.- Fuel filter

The fuel filter works to retain any impurities present in the fuel and that can clog your car鈥檚 injectors or carburetors.

Manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 37,000 miles. However, to ensure optimal and efficient operation of the engine it is advisable to make the change approximately in the middle of the period, that is, every 16,000 miles.

3.- Air filter

A clean air filter allows the engine to breathe and have clean air, which is a key component in the combustion process. This component prevents debris, dust, and other contaminants from entering the vehicle鈥檚 engine and damaging it.

For all these reasons, the air filter should be changed every 9,500 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. However, due to environmental and weather conditions, it may be necessary to change it before time.

4.- Spark plugs

It is the element of the vehicle that produces the ignition of the mixture of fuel and oxygen in the cylinders, by means of a spark, in an internal combustion engine with spark ignition.

Spark plugs are replaced every so often, with an interval between 19,000 miles and 37,000 miles based on the manufacturer鈥檚 recommendations. On certain models there are two plugs per cylinder that are replaced as a pair.

5.- Time band

Timing or timing belts have the benefit of running quieter and being very durable. Due to their material and simple construction, timing belts are much cheaper to replace than timing chains.

To find out when you should change this band, you should look at your vehicle鈥檚 maintenance book. Normally, its change is necessary between 37,000 and 99,000 miles, although depending on the type of use and environment in which you move, that interval could change.

6.- Pads

The linings, with time and use, wear out because they put pressure on the discs. These pads are made up of a metallic or semi-metallic material and a type of paste that allows friction to be generated on the discs when stepping on the brake.

It is because of this wear, which varies depending on the type of lining the car uses, that it is important to check the linings every time the car is serviced every 6,200 miles. However, it is more advisable to change them every time the mechanic suggests it, so that the brake system will work correctly all the time.

7.- Engine oil

Fresh, clean motor oil optimizes your vehicle鈥檚 performance by lubricating parts and keeping your engine clean and healthy. However, over time, the liquid breaks down and has difficulty performing its functions.

It is best to change the engine oil every 3,000 miles or every three months.

8.- Antifreeze

It is recommended to change the coolant once a year, to prevent the loss of properties from leaving the engine exposed.


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