What should I worry about when buying a used car?

Concesionario de autos usados

Buying a used or new car regularly is a source of happiness and pridesince many times it is an achievement for which you have worked and saved for some time.

However, If you don鈥檛 pay attention, something can go wrong and you鈥檒l end up with a car that stopped convincing you right after signing.. You should apply a little common sense when looking to buy a used vehicle, all should go well and you could end up with a car that will serve you well for a long time.

On the other hand, if you blindly jump into what appears to be a good deal, the car you bought may not even make it to your house when something is broken.

This should concern you when buying a used car

When thinking about buying a used car there are some points that you should keep in mind and be attentive when checking the car.

1.- Check the car at night

Always go see the car in good light. Never go at night or watch it in an area that has very little lighting. If the seller is reluctant to show you the vehicle in good lighting conditions, he considers this a red flag.

2.- Rust

Always spend time looking for rust on the bodywork. While a few blisters on the surface are usually harmless, corrosion is something else entirely. If you see a rust spot, gently rub it with your finger and if you hear a crackling sound, this could mean there is corrosion under the rust.

3.- Shocks

Look for any signs that the vehicle has been in a collision before. Obvious signs are joints where the car has been welded or wrinkles in the bodywork.

4.- Do not take a mechanic to check it

Whenever possible, take a qualified mechanic with you to look at the vehicle before handing over the money and accepting a car that may have many faults.

5.- Do not test drive

Test drive the vehicle; it may be uncomfortable or it may not work as it should. With a test drive you can detect how well or poorly the car is running.

6.- Not having the documentation of the car

Back out of the deal if something happens like the landlord can鈥檛 provide the correct documentation. If the vehicle registration documents don鈥檛 match the address where you鈥檙e looking at the car, be suspicious. The car may be stolen or it could be a dealer posing as a private seller.


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