When and where the new season of Ugly Betty premieres |  DATE

When and where the new season of Ugly Betty premieres | DATE


Although there are a large number of new and current productions today, ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’ It continues to be one of the public’s favorite series, proof of this is that on streaming platforms it has remained the number one most viewed on several occasions. Due to the success it continues to maintain 25 years after its premiere, it was announced that a season will be released soon. The best thing is that it has the participation of the original cast. Get to know the release date!

The success of the first season of ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’which had more than 300 chapters, was incalculable and soon began to win dozens of national and international awards, so much so that it was also translated into various languages. Shortly thereafter, adaptations were also launched in more than 25 different countries around the world, in Mexico it was called ‘The Most Beautiful Ugly’ and starred Angélica Vale and in the United States it was named ‘Ugly Betty’ with America Ferrera like Beatriz.

Regardless of the new versions, the public continued to be delighted with the original production and the Colombian characters, which, thanks to the excellent performances of the actors, was taken to streaming platforms, where it has held popularity numbers for long periods. Because of this, Prime Video decided to take up the story and make a sequel 25 years after the first season was released, this was announced last year, however, it was not until this month that they announced the release date and published the first images.


When is ‘Ugly Betty: The Continued Story’ released in 2024?

Ugly Betty’ It is a unique story that combines humor with romance and also drama, which is the perfect combination for all viewers to watch again and again no matter how many years pass. Because it is one of the favorite soap operas in series format, there will be a second season that will resume the lives of the characters over the years. This is ‘Ugly Betty: The Story Continues’, an Amazon Prime Video series, which HE will premiere on Friday, July 19 of this year.

“It starts with 19 and ends with July, that’s right friends, Ugly Betty premieres on July 19: the story continues,” reads Instagram.

Of course, the story would not be complete without the presence of the original casting. The returning characters are: Ana María Orozco as Beatriz Aurora Pinzón, Jorge Enrique Abello in his role as Armando Mendoza, Natalia Ramírez giving life once again to Marcela Valencia, Lorna Cepeda as Patricia Fernández and Julián Arengo as Hugo Lombardi. On the other hand, who joins the story is Juanita Molina, Betty’s daughter.

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